Springdale Borough Police Department


Chief of Police George W. Polnar     724-274-9022  Ext. 19 

PLEASE contact the Springdale Borough Police for your questions/comments regarding: parking issues, safety concerns, vandalizing, crimes (any type), etc.



Code Enforcement

    CODE ENFORECEMENT OFFICER:                   Ed Crates            emcrates@aol.com


The Code Enforcement Officer enforces the long standing rules for how each of us and our neighbors must maintain our respective properties.  These regulations are to promote the health, safety and comfort of the citizens and visitors.  Ordinances are changed from time to time by Springdale Borough Council to be more consistent with Pennsylvania State recommendations and have adopted the Property Maintenance Code.


    The following is a list of issues frequently found to be out of compliance, whether the property is owner occupied or a landlord/tenant situation:


To search Ordinances go to:




-Address clearly displayed in 4” numbers


-Trees/shrubs overhanding the road, sidewalk, neighbor or abutting alley


-Roof drains out-falling onto the sidewalk rather than under to the curb or sump pumps out-falling to the curb instead of into a pit on the property or directly into the storm sewer.


-Handrails for steps and porches


-Sidewalks uneven and broken


-Vehicles including boats, campers, trailers, motorcycles, cars and trucks without current registration and/or inspection


   Springdale Borough has basic health and safety rules and regulations, some of which are triggered by the transfer of a property or change in use or occupancy.


-Smoke detectors in each bedroom and each floor


-Ground Fault Interrupt Outlets near water sources


-Handrail and step enclosures (especially basement steps)


-Improperly vented gas furnace or hot water tanks


    Changes in use or occupancy require an Occupancy Inspection and Tenant Registration.  The Occupancy Inspection fee is paid at the Springdale Borough Office prior to the Code Enforcement Office inspecting the property.  The Code Enforcement Officer will then contact you to set up a time for the inspection.  In the event that the property does not pass inspection, re-inspection fees must be paid at the Springdale Borough Office prior to the Code Enforcement Officer scheduling the re-inspection appointment.  All tenants must be registered at the Springdale Borough Office.


    The tenant is required to make a Water Deposit, the landlord is required to sign the Water Agreement.  Landlords are encouraged to check on the status of tenants water, sewer and trash bills on a regular basis. 

If you are signing up for a water account please arrive at the Borough Office by 3:00 p.m. to complete all of the paperwork.


    Property transfers, including sales, bequests and family transfers, require a dye test in addition to the occupancy inspection.


Contact Us Easily - For General Borough Business ONLY.
If you questions or comments pertain to a POLICE matter:  parking issues, safety concerns, vandalizing, crimes (all types), etc, please contact the Springdale Borough Police directly   724-274-9022 or visit:
www.springdaleboroughpd.com, click on "contact us".
This will enable your issue to be
addressed without delay.

*For a PROPERTY MAINTENANCE COMPLAINT please include your Name, Address, Phone Number, and the Existing Property Conditions/Issues in the "Message" box above.

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Local Departments

Allegheny Valley Regional Emergency Management Agency

    Allegheny Valley Regional Emergency Management Agency was established by Springdale Borough in July 2012.  Participating communities are Cheswick, Harmar and Springdale Borough.  AVREMA assists the communities in emergency situations such as floods, weather related emergencies, fire, road/bridge closures and performs drills to make ready the Emergency Management Team.  AVREMA is also involved in updating and participating in the Allegheny County Hazard Mitigation Plan. http://www.alleghenyvalleyregionalema.com/


Bruno Moretti  -  412-287-1548  Emergency Management Coordinator

Springdale Borough Public Works
    Springdale Borough Public Works Team is comprised of some of the best workers in the area.  Public Works employees are the backbone of Springdale Borough infrastructure.  They serve the community  by repairing, replacing and improving roads and parks and the Springdale Borough Building.

Springdale Borough  Volunteer Fire Department

    The fire department in one of the most important institutions in Springdale Borough and has been protecting the citizens since 1909.  The Springdale Borough Volunteer Fire Department serves the community by being ready to respond to emergency fire calls, rescue calls, and also provides mutual aid to surrounding communities.  Springdale Borough Volunteer Fire Department raise funds for additional equipment, training and supplies, taking the burden off of the tax payers.  By the Springdale Volunteer Fire Department continuing to train, this is reflected in your home owners insurance premiums.  Please support the activities that the Springdale Borough Volunteer Fire Department hosts throughout the year.


Kevin Wilhelm   -  724-274-5090  Fire Chief

Springdale Borough Water Treatment Plant

     Springdale Borough is home to an award winning water treatment plant that provides an invaluable service to the community.  Municipal water supplies are treated to make the water potable (safe to drink) and palatable and to insure an adequate supply of water to meet the needs of the community at a reasonable cost.

    Yearly, Springdale Borough gathers information for the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).   

-Important Phone Numbers-

Police, Fire,  and  Ambulance                 911

Lower Valley Ambulance                     724-274-4155

Springdale Police-Non Emergency      724-274-9022

Springdale Fire Dept-Non Emergency 724-274-5090

Tax Collector

Debbie Sigmund                                724-274-6269



Allegheny Valley Joint Sewage           412-828-7227

School District

Allegheny Valley School District     724-274-5300


Springdale Borough Water             724-274-9414


West Penn Power                            1-800- LIGHTSS


Equitable Gas                                1-800-654-6335

T. W. Phillips Gas                          1-800-222-5101


Verizon                                              1-800-479-1919

 Dog Catcher

Hoffman Kennels                                  724-468-5505


Comcast                                          1-800-266-2278



Shank Sanitation                               724-226-8320

Please Note that recycling of cardboard and newspapers is done via containers located in the rear of the Springdale Borough Building.  The containers are clearly marked and are for the benefit of our residents only.  Recycling proceeds from cardboard and newspapers benefit Springdale Borough youth recreation programs.



      ACHD Open Burning Regulation Fact Sheet          


Open Burning in Allegheny County